The world of Pokemon is on the rise, people can actually capture Pokemon in real life with Pokemon GO, heading down roads, mountains, and parks to simply catch them all. The augmented reality game dives deeply into Pokemon trainer’s life, where they even drive their cars to just to capture a friend Pokemon. However, that is just the beginning, the relationship between you and your best friend Pikachu becomes more intimately bonded together than you could ever imagine.

The sophisticated jewelry lineup from “U-TREASURE by K.UNO” has recently launched their 8 exclusive Pokemon designs, including necklaces, engagement rings, and wedding bands, all featuring popular characters from the Pokemon series.

The Gold Pikachu ring, stunningly and electrically sparks with its 18-karat yellow gold on top of the silver ring. Retail price at 99,000 yen.

Dual 18-karat Pikachu sits on both sides electrifying the beautiful diamond, the engagement ring is for 120,000 yen.

If you take a closer look at the inside of each rings, you can easily discover more adorable Pikachu.

The wedding band features a series of round Poke Balls in silver, which sells for 12,000 yen each.

The necklace features stack of Poke Balls and a Gold Pikachu sitting on top, which sells for 38,000 yen.

For something that is a little less formal, there’s the Gengar ring in silver for 22,000 yen.

The first 400 customers gets a true size Poke Ball gift case, so you can casually throw one to your partner for a surprise proposal.

The ring is available for personal customization as well, with options of socketing rubies, sapphires, or choosing between silver or gold elements. As a side note for people who are eager to express more love, you can keep upgrading your Pikachu ring level all the way to the max, such as these stats (Pt950×K18YG/Dia0.3ct) with the Pikachu platinum engagement ring, it costs 339,000 yen with tax included. But we recommend you think carefully before you evolve your Pokemon to the next level. For more detail, here is the link.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.