Japan is known for serving moderate to modest portions of food, but these super cute Japanese cooking videos are taking things to the extreme, cooking adorable miniature meals with real food in a miniature kitchen.

Called Miniature Space, the series saw a boom in popularity last year, and after watching it's easy to see why. Outside of the cute aesthetic, the videos offer a strangely cathartic and refreshing experience, all while teaching you how to make popular Japanese food by impressively using miniature food and utensils. There are loads of awesome videos on the channel, but this tweet with a condensed video will be a good place to start and whet your appetite.

Even the utensils are miniatures.


Source: YouTube

And there's a lot of skill and patience involved.


Source: YouTube






Miso soup

So if you've found yourself as mesmerized as us, take a tasty looking trip down the YouTube hole at Miniature Space, and try these out with real portions.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.