Seabura, or pork back fat broth ramen, is one of Japan's richest and thickest bowls of noodles. Many shops that specialize in the style allow customers to order various levels of back fat, or have it gradually added to their soup for extra flavor. The silky fat gives off a marbled and chunky aesthetic, but actually has a smooth and buttery texture that makes seabura ramen some of the best for soaking up a late night in Japan.

Thanks to photos of their meal posted to Twitter by so-ta (@ISK_moto), seabura lovers are starting to find that Hyogo prefecture's Goku Uma Seabura Ramen 612 may be their new fatty holy grail. Below, so-ta shows what a bowl of 100% pork back fat broth ramen looks like, and it is dense!

Source: @ISK_moto

Source: @ISK_moto

Source: @ISK_moto

The menu pic reveals that the shop offers customization options for those looking for more of that back fat punch. Outside of the standard seabura ramen, customers can order "extra back fat", "loaded with back fat", "even more loaded with back fat", and the pictured "100% back fat" broth. The 100% option is limited to five bowls served per day, however.

Of course, Goku Uma Seabura Ramen 612 offers other ways for you to get your delicious pork fix--such as lining your bowl of ramen with it!

Those in Hyogo prefecture looking for an extra porky bowl of ramen can seek out Goku Uma Seabura Ramen 612 at the address below.

Restaurant: Goku Uma Seabura Ramen 612 (極旨背脂ラーメン612)

Address: 1-14-1 Kitanocho, Hirohata-ku, Himeji, Hyogo prefecture (兵庫県 姫路市 広畑区北野町 1-14-1)

Hours: 11:00 AM--10:00 PM (closed 3:00 PM--5:00 PM for preparations), Tuesday-Sunday

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