A mainstay of Harajuku, not many places can so encapsulate the area’s adorable but warped fashion scene as well as the Kawaii Monster Cafe.

The surreal eatery’s brand of psychedelic cute looks straight out of a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu video. If anything, it’s even more chaotic. Every so often they’ll apply these sensibilities to a limited time only menu to reflect the current season or holiday. We’ve seen their take on spring, Halloween and even Christmas, but now it’s time to start looking to the New Year.

The eye-catching seasonal menu includes traditional Japanese motifs to celebrate the New Year, but with Kawaii Monster Cafe’s own colourful twist.

Since 2020 is the year of the rat, there’s a few rodent themed treats let loose in the restaurant.

For one, the cafe’s mascot Mr Choppy has been reborn as a bright purple mouse for this ‘Colourful Pop Burger’ (2600 yen). Customers can choose from either meat or fish for their burger patty.

The Fujiyama Volcano Curry (2700 yen) depicts a red Mount Fuji, as seen on the first sunrise of the year.

Red and white are the traditional celebration colours of New Year in Japan, so this ‘Colourful Udon’ (2400 yen) has been imbibed with these lucky hues. It wouldn’t be a Kawaii Monster Cafe dish if it wasn’t outrageously colourful, so some rainbow mochi is also included with delicious tempura.

Another rodent reference, in Japanese hedgehogs are called ‘harinezumi’ (literally needle-mouse), so here are some colourful hedgehog desserts. You can choose from either pink or blue, and both are enjoying their New Year with red and white decorations and even a daruma cookie.

The Kawaii Monster Cafe are not only rolling out these striking themed foods, but also getting down for a New Years Eve countdown event starring none other than DJ Hello Kitty and other special guests. What’s more kawaii than that?

Even in this surreal environment, there’s traditional Japanese New Year activities like mochi making and a wooden sake barrel ceremony.

This adults only, all night party is reservation only, so hurry up if you want to secure your place!

The New Year menu is going on from 26th December to 5th January 2020, and the cafe’s opening hours are a bit different around the holiday season, so make sure you check in advance if you’re planning on chowing down on some kawaii psychedelia. All the information is available on the Kawaii Monster Cafe website in both Japanese and English.

By - Jess.