The adorable but somehow warped fashion scene of Harajuku is perfectly encapsulated in one of the area’s long-standing mainstays, the Kawaii Monster Cafe.

The surreal eatery’s brand of psychedelic cute looks straight out of a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu video. If anything, it’s even more chaotic.

Apart from staying abreast of Tokyo’s fashion and youth culture, it seems the team behind the cafe are also ahead of the curve when it comes to social issues, as they have proudly proclaimed that their Valentine’s Day menu will be an inclusive one. In their press release, the cafe have explicitly stated that the menu is aimed at all couples, including same-sex couples and international couples. The theme of the menu is ‘Genderless Otome Kawaii’, which also seems to imply that non-binary people are welcome to join in.

Otome means a young maiden or girl, but it is often used in the context of video games to refer to a romance game aimed at a female audience, making it the perfect theme for a Harajuku-tastic Valentine’s Day.

According to the Kawaii Monster Cafe, anyone can be an 'otome' in love, including their mascot Choppy. In the 'Otome Kawaii Choppy Burger' he’s been given heart-eyes, fluttering lashes and blushing cheeks. He’s also sporting a massive bow which is decorated in sweet fashion.

The usual menu item 'Colourful Pop Burger' has had a romantic makeover and sprouted wings, making it into a ‘Cupid Monster’ to support otome in love.

A cute gift idea often employed in Japan for Valentine’s Day is hand-decorated chocolates, and this has been used as a theme in various desserts on the limited-time-only menu. The 'Choco Pie Art Colourful Decora Parfait' is one example, with Lotte Choco Pies used as canvases for adorable icing art.

There's plenty of other Valentine's Day themed items up for grabs, so if your idea of romance is walking into a psychedelic world of crazy cute and sampling some blindingly colourful eats, Kawaii Monster Cafe’s 'Genderless Otome Kawaii' Valentine’s Day menu is running until 29th February. Check out their website for more information!

By - Jess.