Japanese fashion and interior retailer Felissimo certainly has a decided type (cute and quirky animal designs), but they seem to be shifting their attention to hamsters lately, recently releasing a huddling hamster tissue box completely with squishy cheeks and butts. Not content with one squishy furball release, they've followed it up with a new one: handkerchiefs modeled after hamsters peeking out of their bedding--with squishy cheeks and tummies, of course.

The handkerchiefs are modeled after a scene all hamster lovers are very familiar with, napping hamsters bundled up in shavings that line their cages for bedding.

These handkerchiefs unfold to reveal a very cozy hamster head, nestled in the "bedding" you can carry around with you.

Each has a pinchable squishy face.

And of course an adorable underbelly as well.

The handkerchiefs come in four different types (Golden, Roborovski, Djungarian, and Syrian) of hamster.

The soft and fluffy hamster handkerchiefs are available from both Felissimo's Japanese and international online store.

By - Big Neko.