Japanese online retailed Felissimo is no stranger to releasing silly goods, such as the viral sexy daikon waifu pillow, but their subdivision of goods called Nekobu, or Cat Club, tends to focus on feline related items such as kitty-milk scented bath powder and the popular cat fruit tart bed. Their latest release comes in the form of a furry feline friend for you feet, with the Fluffy Cat room slippers--a pair of slippers that comes with three silly and adorable cat expressions based on an eternally sad cat.

The slippers are designed with extra thick cushioning on the interior, said to try and replicate the touch of a cat's paw on your feet, as well as give them a luxurious feel. They're available in three different expressions that cats are known to make--although they're actually inspired by internet celebrity feline Foochan, who is known for having a constant look of heartbreak.

The "hmmm" look of content

The "continually glaring at you" look

The look of pleading and hoping to be given a snack

The three patterns are currently available on Felissimo's international online shop for 3,448 yen ($31.50 USD). As with all other nekobu products, a portion of profits will go to help address cats displaced by natural disaster and help combat excessive breeding.

By - Big Neko.