Hirosaki is a beautiful city, full of tradition and very famous having the most superb scenery in spring offered by the thousands of sakura trees surrounding Hirosaki Park and its castle.

It is located in Aomori Prefecture, famous not only for the cherry blossoms but for its winter and summer festivals, one of the most well-known being Neputa or Nebuta(depending on the city).

Hirosaki people are very proud of the variety of apples they have, the Hirosaki Apple Park having not less than 65 varieties and over 1300 apple trees! You can even try out Ringo Ramen (Apple Ramen), Ringo Curry(Apple Curry) and my favorite, Ringo Katsu Curry(Apple Katsu Curry).

I was skeptical at first, but after trying it out, it became my number one favorite dish! Besides the apple dishes, you should also try the few places below if you are looking for restaurants or bars with a good and fun atmosphere and delicious dishes or sake from Aomori:

1. Niboshi Kessha Hirosaki

The perfect place to go if you want to try out the Niboshi soup and tsukemen, very famous in Aomori! The nice atmosphere and delicious food make Niboshi Kessha the ideal place at any time of year.

You can choose from three types of broth: chicken, prawn, kombu, go with an egg topping and try out either hot or cold tsukemen.

The noodles are thick, everything has a good balance and the dishes are perfectly cooked! Enjoy a unique atmosphere and during winter, try out their hot tsukemen to warm you up.


2. Robbin’s Nest

This place always had this jazzy atmosphere in my mind and it is by far my favorite place to go when visiting Hirosaki.

The staff is very friendly, furthermore they can all speak English and are always willing to help those in need! It’s a good place to communicate with people, listen to good classics, even make some Japanese friends while at it!

For me, Robbin’s Nest holds a special place in my heart and I loved going there during my University times, talking to people, hear their stories, eat good food and drink, sometimes enjoy a chill evening, sometimes party with everyone.

They have many events, live concerts, trips, barbeque nights and are welcoming anyone who wants to be a part of the family.

Robbin’s Nest Official Website


3. Tapas

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There is not much information about this small izakaya, located on the 2nd Floor of a building with many other restaurants inside.

I found out about it from a friend that used to go there after work and fell in love with the wonderful home-like feeling this place gives off.

Not only does it offer a wide variety of dishes, cooked with love, but it also has good beverages and affordable prices.

I loved ordering the menu of the day whenever I went there together with a glass of umeshu(a type of Japanese sake made of ume).

Whenever I felt stressed or missed my country and family, I knew that going there will calm me down. You can feel the dedication put in making every dish and the nice and peaceful vibe of the small izakaya loved so much by the students and the locals in Hirosaki.


4. Bar Ash

This bar is very famous among the locals, too and if you wish to go there on a weekend, you should probably make a reservation in advance. It has a wide variety of sake and beverages, delicious karaage and lots of wines, whiskeys, even American IPA!

During Halloween and Christmas, the staff dresses up very accordingly and during festivals, they even serve outside!

I recommend looking over the menu and for a nice atmosphere and especially good cocktails and drinks, go to ASH!

Ash Official Instagram


5. Angelique

As I mentioned the apples above, I couldn’t miss this extraordinary shop! Also great for buying omiyage (souvenirs) and having a taste of the local sweets, Angelique has a wide variety of desserts including apple pies made with the famous Hirosaki Apples.

You can try out different desserts with apples as the main ingredients and enjoy the exquisite flavor only Hirosaki can offer you.


By - cinnamonellie.