If you're a fashion-forward Yu-Gi-Oh! fan, your day is about to get a whole lot better.

Available exclusively by SuperGroupies are elegant Yu-Gi-Oh! jewlery, all with which you can subtly but stylishly express your love for the popular manga series.

The original Yu-Gi-Oh! jewelry line includes gold plated silver Millennium Puzzle necklaces, rings, and earrings from Duel Monsters, as well as Yuya Sasaki’s pendant from ARC-V, a good luck charm that's always seen hanging around the neck of the character.


Source: SuperGroupies


Source: SuperGroupies

All accessories are exquisitely detailed and durable, making for a unique addition to any outfit for both guys and girls. They’re small enough to look like any other ordinary piece of jewelry, but a slightly closer look will surely have other Yu-Gi-Oh! fans turning green with envy.

The jewelry will also come in elaborate packages, with the Millennium Puzzle accessories delivered in original boxes made after the Gold Sarcophagus, and Yuya’s pendant boxed in an original package branded with a special logo.


Source: SuperGroupies


Source: SuperGroupies

These gorgeous Yu-Gi-Oh! accessories are available for online reservations until September 19th, and are scheduled to ship mid-October. Prices start at 4,800 yen (47 USD), which isn’t a bad price for something fit for a game king.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.