Tokyo's Manuscript Writing Cafe only allows writers on a deadline, and won't let them leave until finished

Many of Japan's themed cafes are centered around some fun activities to keep you busy, such as making friends with a robot maid, or admiring a recreated Cowboy Bebop world.

A cafe located in the Koenji district of Tokyo that's been causing a buzz online has a different way of keeping you busy. It's called the The Manuscript Writing Cafe, and is designed to operate as a safe haven and base for writers who need to get in their work up against a deadline.

But it's not just a theme of the cafe--those are the actual rules!

Proprietor Takuya Kawai (@TakuyaKawai) shared a photo of the cafe and it's number one rule--that in order to use the cafe, you need to be a writer trying to clear a deadline.

"The Manuscript Writing Cafe only allows in people who have a writing deadline to face! It's in order to maintain a level of focus and tense atmosphere at the cafe! Thank you for your understanding."

Source: @takuyakawai

The cafe, which you can see pictures of at the official homepage, charges by time used (with a minimum of thirty minutes, and then by the hour with an order of coffee--although they do not accept cash) is equipped for writing with USB ports, Wi-Fi, and computer stands. The cafe also allows customers to bring in food and drink and even have it delivered, but they also have some fairly strict rules about writing such as:

1. Upon entering the store, write down at the reception desk how many words and by what time you are going to write your manuscript.

2. The manager asks you every hour how your manuscript is coming along.

3. You are not allowed to leave the store until you have finished writing your manuscript or writing project.

Apparently, customers can choose different "courses" in terms of how rigorously staff check in on your progress. For instance, an "S" course sees them hurry you along pretty aggressively, and "M" course has them do it a more mildly.

The "manuscript writing" at the store includes "translation work," "proposal writing," "layout work," "image processing," etc., indicating that the store caters to a wide range of writers with projects to finish.

With those rules however, in the store, you can probably feel the tension and impatience of those around you, while you yourself fight the pressure to get the job done, at the very least before the cafe can close!

Many on Twitter were amused (and understandably intimidated) by the store's adherence to a tense atmosphere and writing rules, leaving comments:

"I laughed at "maintaining tension in the store." In a way, it's fascinating."

"That is way too much pressure!"

"If it were me, I would no longer be able to leave the store and would end up having to live there."

"A café that you cannot enter unless you meet certain conditions."

In an English subtitled video, Kawai explains the concept of the cafe:

Those looking for a little added motivating in their writing may want to look into a visit to the Manuscript Writing Cafe and keep an eye on the monthly pop-up dates (it runs on set dates on a bi-weekly basis at Koenji Triangle, a studio in the neighborhood).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.