This month Starbucks Japan are releasing three seasonal chocolate-filled drinks and a chocolatey option for customisation. All in the name of love.

Yes, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, they're pushing the boundaries of chocolate beverages with a whole range of items called ‘Chocolate with...’. Chocolate with Almond Praline Frappuccino, Chocolate with Passionfruit Frappuccino, White Chocolate with Latte, and a chocolate mousse add-on will all go on sale from 17th January.

Oh, you thought it was over? Watch out because Starbucks’ chocolatey cupid will take aim at chocoholics again towards the end of this month, releasing yet another addition to the lineup for us to fall in love with.

This one is for the tea fans. 'Chocolate with Milk Tea Frappuccino' takes the classic combo of black tea and milk and sweetens it up with a generous helping of chocolate.

The frozen base is made with milk tea powder and white mocha syrup blended with chocolate chips.

The beverage will join its 'Chocolate with...' brethren on 31st January but while their run will finish on Valentine’s Day itself, the Chocolate with Milk Tea Frappuccino will be around a bit longer until 31st March.

By - Jess.