Spring in Japan means a deluge of cherry blossom themed treats to celebrate the season with, and Starbucks Japan’s sakura Frappuccino is always a sight to behold.

They’ve already launched their 2022 lineup with a chilled cup drink in convenience stores and supermarkets, and now their instore menu is finally getting the sakura treatment with a brand new spring duo.

This year’s Frappuccino creation, the ‘Sakura Strawberry Shiratama Frappuccino’, may be their most elaborate yet. Shiratama is a type of small mochi which is often white, but in the spirit of the season the shiratama used for this offering is a light pink colour. Sakura petal powder and strawberry juice have been combined with a milk base and blended with ice, along with the shiratama.

Source: Starbucks Japan

The whipped cream peak is sprinkled with sakura strawberry chocolate shavings and topped with nama yatsuhashi, a Kyoto specialty.

But it’s not that warm out just yet, so a hot drink seems like a necessary addition to any spring menu. For the 2022 lineup, Starbucks are releasing the ‘Sakura Bloomed Milk Latte’. This drink has a sakura tree design in the milk foam made with chocolate sauce and sakura strawberry chocolate shavings. The beverage itself is made with sakura strawberry sauce stirred into warm milk.

Source: Starbucks Japan

Cherry blossom food will also grace the menu, such as some vividly pink sakura doughnuts.

Source: Starbucks Japan

Another bonus for the season is the option to add the ‘sakura tree’ topping to other drinks on the menu to spring-ify them.

The latte will be around from 15th February until 15th March, while the Frappuccino and doughnut will stick around until 12th April. But you’ll only have a month to experience the beverage in this exact form, as the Frappuccino toppings will change from 16th March onward.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.