Starbucks Japan annually celebrates the oncoming bloom of cherry blossoms in Japan with a series of sakura-themed products, with this year having already seen the release of cherry blossom spring blend coffee and a very long named sakura white chocolate cheesecake milk pudding drink.

With 2020's cherry blossoms just around the corner, Starbucks has unveiled the first two sakura-themed beverages in their spring lineup: The Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuccino and Sakura Milk Latte.

The Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuccino uses a new milk pudding base blended with actual cherry blossom extract and a sweet sakura and strawberry sauce. The drink is topped off with a crunchy sweet topping meant to resemble fallen sakura petals.

Meanwhile, the Sakura Milk Latte (which uses no coffee) combines the Frappuccino's sakura strawberry sauce with hot milk that also features a crunchy topping with a cherry blossom motif.

The Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuccino will be available from February 15th to 25th, and the Sakura Milk Latte from February 15th to March 12th.

By - Big Neko.