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Starbuck’s Japan’s New Year Drinkware is 20/20 Kawaii

Starbuck’s Japan, ever in the festive mood, is celebrating the new year with a new line of gorgeous Japanese oshōgatsu (New Year's) themed drinkware. The adorable items are themed around the Chinese zodiac and traditional images of fortune. While 2020 may be the year of the rat, this collection suggests Starbucks has set out to make it the year of kawaii also. Drink in the visual beauty of the new year themed coffee cups and plushies with your eyes by checking our gallery and summary below!

Stainless Cup Shaped Bottle - ¥3,800

Stylish tumbler displaying Japan’s traditional maneki neko, or lucky cat, which is said to beckon fortune. The cat’s green Starbucks apron and the pastel pink lid definitely beckon you to buy it and savor the cute design.

Year of the Rat Mug - ¥2,000

Next up is this Chinese Zodiac themed mug which features a charming rat design on the front. The year of the rat is associated with fortune and prosperity in China. Anyone lucky enough to own this mug in 2020 will definitely prosper in terms of cuteness.

Daruma Design Mug and Tumbler

Photo by Toby M

Starbucks oshōgatsu range also features two daruma themed drinkware items. A daruma is a traditional Japanese doll believed to help owners achieve their dreams and goals. This mug will certainly be a dream come true for anyone wishing to enjoy their drinks with a dash of traditional Japanese style

The second daruma themed item is a tumbler decorated with green daruma images and sumo wrestlers. Inside the tumbler is a snow globe containing a sumo wrestler. This is a cool way to enjoy your beverages in 2020.

Japan Bearista Boy/ Japan Bearista Girl - ¥4,800

Photo by Toby M

The New Year collection also contains a pair of plush bears in traditional Japanese dress. One bear wears a hakama, traditional male attire, and the other one is dressed in a beautiful pink kimono. The adorable bearistas are supposed to be presented together as gifts according to Starbucks. It’s the year of the rat after all so you may be fortunate enough to receive a pair.

Snap Frame Pencil Case - ¥2,000

Photo by Toby M

This frankly lovely pouch is decorated with Japanese fortune motifs: maneki-neko, daruma and Mt. Fuji. It is believed in Japan that if you see Mt. Fuji in your dreams during the 1st of January then it is a sign of good luck. We can’t confirm this either way, but we are sure this pencil case is good lucking.

Snap Lid Tumblr - ¥2,300

Photo by Toby M

The snap lid tumbler sporting the same design also features in the 2020 New Year collection. This tumbler is a great way to enjoy the gorgeous fortune motif throughout the year while you keep your drinks warm in winter and cool in summer.

Tenugui Icons Teatowel - ¥1,500

Photo by Toby M

A tea towel with a daruma and maneki-neko pattern. The pattern has been dyed using traditional Japanese dyeing techniques. It’s a must-have item for the kitchens of any coffee-loving Japanophiles. The towel also gets softer every time its washed. You and your kitchen need this.

Further Details

The goods went on sale on December 26th and are available until stocks last. Head down to your nearest Starbucks in Japan and you might just be lucky enough to find some of these goods. And while you’re there, why not try the latest Starbucks Valentine's Day beverages?

By - Toby M.