Very much like Japanese Kit Kats, Starbucks Japan has a reputation for spicing up its menu by taking advantage of seasonal and regional flavors. Recently, their limited edition beverages have included matcha s'mores, crispy sweet potato, and Japanese pumpkin Frappucinos. Now Starbucks Japan is getting to the Halloween spirit by offering customers a Trick or Treat choice with a Halloween Princess and Halloween Witch Frappucino duo.

On the left is the Halloween Witch Frappucino, which is layered with red apple compote, an entire caramel flavored cookie, whipped cream, and then drenched in a dark chocolate sauce to create a forbidden fruit (perhaps offered to you by a spooky witch) aesthetic and dark apple chocolate flaor. On the right is the Halloween Princess Frappucino, which blends apple compote into the Frappucino along with white mocha sauce and whipped cream for a sweet milk flavor. The glittery and sugary pink and blue toppings are supposed to help conjure up the image of a princess dress.

By retweeting the below Tweet, Starbucks Japan will send you a message that informs you if you are a witch or princess.

Along with the Halloween Frappucinos are matching donuts. The Witch Donut has a red apple compote filling and is topped with chocolate frosting and crunchy dark cocoa cookie bits, while the Princess Donut has a sweet and sour flavor, and is similarly topped with pink icing and sugary pearls.

Tall sizes of each are priced at 590 yen, and will go on sale at Starbucks across Japan running from October 18th-31st.

By - Big Neko.