Rolled ice cream has become quite the sensation throughout asia over the past few years. First appearing back in 2009 as a popular street food in Thailand, the dessert quickly became a global trend amongst food bloggers and instagrammers. It wasn’t long before other countries picked up on the new craze and began opening their own rolled ice cream stores. Restaurants dedicated to the art of rolling ice cream popped up in cities across the globe.
From Cambodia to New York, it’s possible to pick up a tub of the tasty treat almost anywhere nowadays, but even so, it seems there is something special about Japan's rolled ice cream.
Whether it’s the delicacy of the wafer thin cylinders, the interesting and unusual flavours, or the dramatic decorations that adorn the dessert, getting a tub of rolled ice cream is on everyone’s Japan to-do list.

One of the most popular companies that specialises in producing rolled ice cream in Japan is the Manhattan Roll Ice Company.
Despite the name, Manhattan Roll Ice Co. originated in Japan, coming straight out of Tokyo’s trendy fashion corner – Harajuku. Rolled ice cream is a food that belongs in Harajuku, and it is easy to see why with it’s cute lace-like spirals of colour and its wafer-thin texture.

To create the dessert skilled patissiers place the liquid ice cream mixture onto a cold plate of -20°. When the liquid hardens up it is rolled up to create the cute thin spirals of ice cream.
Manhattan Roll Ice Co. is well known for their wide variety of flavours, which they like to liven up with a mixture of seasonal fruits and chocolates for toppings. On top of their extensive menu, each Manhattan Roll store includes a special flavour significant to the local area.

With 12 stores currently operating in multiple cities across the country, Manhattan Roll Ice Co. has the largest fleet of rolled ice cream shops in Japan. The company will be opening its 13th store in Kyoto on the 21st of July. To celebrate, the store will offer its own limited edition flavour; Matcha Tiramisu.
The store’s Matcha Tiramisu rolled ice cream pays homage to Kyoto’s rich cultural history as Japan’s green tea kitchen and also adds a fun quirk to the traditional flavour.

Matcha Tiramisu Rolled Ice Cream

Price: 1,000 yen per tub
To create this limited edition flavour staff mix together Kyoto matcha and mascarpone cream, creating a rich yet refreshing taste.
The Matcha Tiramisu rolled ice from the new store will be served in a traditional wooden box, which customers are free to take home.

All ice cream purchased in store can be taken away for customers to enjoy at their own choice of location, but it is best to eat them quickly before they melt away. Additionally, the new Kyoto store will be offering their menu for delivery through UberEats, which means you can now order a tub of rolled ice cream from wherever you are (in Kyoto).

The new store will be opening in the former Rissei Elementary School. The old school, which has been in disuse since 1993 is being repurposed as a cultural center and community centre for the local area. Having recently undergone several renovations the centre will include accommodation, shops and restaurants and a library amongst other cultural facilities.

Manhattan Roll Store Rissei Garden, Kyoto

Location: Rissei Garden Hulic Centre, 310-2 Takoyakushidori, Kawaramachi, Bizento-cho, Kyoto
Hours: 11:00am ~ 21:00pm

By - Connie Sceaphierde.