The decades-long history of the Final Fantasy franchise started when the very first game was released in 1987, back when its developer Square Enix was still known as Square. Since its conception, there have been countless games and other forms of media under the Final Fantasy name, and 1997’s Final Fantasy VII is still the franchise’s biggest selling game to date, despite being released more than 20 years ago.

In fact, the legacy of Final Fantasy VII is very clear even to this day, with a remake of the original game being released in April this year. And although there have been some setbacks in the release, fans all over the world are still eagerly anticipating the remake.

With the release date still a few months away, however, fans in Tokyo can make the long wait just a little bit easier, by getting their fill through a Final Fantasy VII Remake-themed event and pop-up cafe that’s happening in Tokyo Skytree from February 6 to April 22, 2020.

The “Skytree in Midgar Final Fantasy VII Remake” event will be held at the Temba Deck Skytree Cafe. The appearance of the cafe will resemble the “7th Heaven” bar from the game, but will be named “340th Heaven Cafe” instead, after its location on the tower’s 340th floor.

The food and drink items in the menu are also packed full of references to the characters that hardcore fans are sure to get.

The black curry that will be served in the cafe, for instance, is meant to represent the two opposing main characters, Cloud and Sephiroth. The swords that embellish the dish are Cloud’s Buster sword and Sephiroth’s Musamune sword, and the yellow and grey sauces splashed onto the curry represent the characters’ iconic hair colors.

The first drink on the menu represents the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife. The pineapple drink has an unusual color because it’s meant to look like mako, the liquid that serves as the lifestream of the planet in the game. The straw also comes with Cloud’s sword, which is one of the most easily recognizable parts of his character—aside from his spiky hair, that is.

The hibiscus drink represents Aerith Gainsborough, another main character. The pink color of the drink and the ribbon on the straw are elements taken from her clothing, with pink being the color of her dress, and the ribbon being part of her hairdo. The flowers in the drink are a nod to her selling flowers during her first appearance in the game.

The next drink is styled after Barret Wallace, one of the characters fighting alongside Cloud and his battle for the planet. The chocolate sweets on the ice cream are shaped to look like his primary weapon, the Gatling gun attached to his right arm.

Lastly, the iced latte represents Tifa Lockheart, Cloud’s childhood friend. The white and black color of the drink is meant to look like her clothing, the two strawberries are taken after her red gloves, and the “Seventh Heaven” drink topper is the logo of the bar she runs.

If you order any drink from the cafe, you also receive a free coaster that features the most prominent characters from the game.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake cafe is open until April 22, 2020 at the Tokyo Skytree. Entrance to the cafe is free, however, you will need to purchase a ticket to get to the Temba Deck where the cafe is located. You can check out the event website here and get details on ticket prices and availability here.

And if you'd rather visit a different location, you can also check out the Final Fantasy VII Remake collaboration going on at Square Enix Cafe.

By - Jen Laforteza.