The loss of a pet can be absolutely debilitating and heartbreaking. For many, the sudden (and just as grueling, gradual) loss of a constant source of comfort, relief, and companionship not found in humans is absolutely devastating. Japanese cat lover and Twitter user @tohuchaan recently took to Twitter to share an example of the heartwarming hospitality and sympathy that keeps pet lovers going in those times, however.

@tohuchaan had placed an order for a scratching post for his cat with pet goods supplier Caricarina. Unfortunately, his cat died unexpectedly the day after making the order. @tohuchaan, in a very understandable moment of grief, thought that the arrival of the scratching post to his doorstep would just trigger bad memories and more depression, so he called to explain the situation and cancel. Of course, the company complied with canceling the order, but also did something else: they sent a bouquet of flowers and touching message upon learning of the cat's passing.


This is________from Caricarina. The other day when we received your phone call, the staff here were shocked and filled with sadness. It may not be much but we wanted to send you these flowers. We'd be happy for you to accept them.

They're scheduled to be delivered tomorrow night. (If you aren't home at the time, they will be stored in your delivery box.)

When a beloved cat passes away, it is difficult to return to your normal everyday life. We wish for you to feel better soon.

Caricarina Staff"

@tohuchaan shared the touching gesture on Twitter, saying "This is wonderful story. The day before my first cat died, I had ordered a scratching post from Caricarina. My cat passed away the next day, and I thought that when the scratching post arrived it would only make me sad, so I asked them to cancel my order a few days later. They kindly canceled my order, and even sent me flowers. I was so touched I immediately bought the scratching post for my new cat."

The exemplary customer service and moving gesture has touched many on Twitter, as well as made Caricarina a new fan favorite among cat lovers.

By - Big Neko.