The Alley, a Taiwanese bubble tea chain, has been wildly popular since its signature deer insignia landed in Tokyo a couple of years ago. While the boba boom rages on, you can usually find queues out the door of a weekend at this trendy beverage purveyor.

Although plenty of staples make up the bulk of their menu, like the 'Bonsai' bubble tea or their 'Aurora' series, they also throw a limited edition drink or seasonal offering into the mix every once in a while.

Concerning their Valentine’s Day series, this year The Alley have taken inspiration from their own antlered mascot for the ‘Deer Love Collection’ which will be released as a two-parter.

The first round consists of a ginger chocolate beverage called ‘Deer You’, with the theme of expressing your feelings to a loved one. The thick cream cheese topping has an adorable deer silhouette in the chocolate powder, making the tea extra Instagrammable.

Speaking of Instagrammable, the Shibuya Dogenzaka branch is taking the deer theme one step further, with deer shadow designs on the tables, allowing you to take your own super cute snap with your drink.

The second round of Valentine’s specials, which are yet to be revealed, will be celebrating Japan’s second day of love, ‘White Day’, which takes place on 14th March.

Check out The Alley's website for a full store list.

By - Jess.