The popularity of bubble tea in Japan has inspired plenty of novel and interesting takes on the chewy beverage, including ‘bonsai’ bubble tea, mochi bubble tea, and even bubble tea pizza. At this point, it would be strange if there were no cherry blossom themed boba drinks to be found at Tokyo’s many bubble tea stands for spring 2021.

Comma Tea, a boba purveyor known for their undeniably Instagrammable beverages, have bloomed their own sakura creation, flavouring their tea with a springtime twist.

Comma’s ‘Sakura Peach Latte’ starts with a real peach base giving the drink a juicy and refreshing taste for spring. The bulk of the beverage is made up of an appropriately pink strawberry milk which will bring the blossoms instantly to mind. The fresh cream topping is sprinkled with pink crepe pieces to look like fallen sakura petals.

Nata de coco or classic tapioca pearls can be added for the full bubble tea experience. Toppings and cream can also be left out for those looking for a simpler spring treat to walk under the cherry blossom trees with.

Several branches of Comma Tea can be found in various Japanese cities, check out their website for a full shop list!

By - Jess.