It's a wonderful time to be a cheese-lover in Japan.

With everything from raclette cascades poured over your food and "cheese tea" foam topping up boba tea drinks, Japan's love affair with cheese is in full swing. Domino's Japan is loving every minute of it, playing up the cheese factor with outrageous creations like their Ultra Cheese lineup which they unleashed last year, the crown jewel of which is their "1 Kilo of Cheese Pizza".

Now, to show that their commitment to fromage isn't just a passing fling, Domino's Japan is hiring a CCO (Chief Cheese Officer) to take charge of all things cheese and are ready to reward him or her quite handsomely to the tune of 1 million yen!

The catch? It's only for a day, and the prospective CCO needs to prove they deserve the honor by submitting an audiovisual ode to Dominos's pizza cheese in the form of a video posted to their social media account.

To participate, make a video showing gooey strings of cheese stretching out as you enjoy one of Domino's Japan's cheesy pizzas like the ones in their Ultra Cheese lineup, and post it to your TikTok, Youtube, Instagram or Twitter account with the hashtag #ドミノチーズ100万 (Domino cheese 1 million yen). To qualify, you need to be a cheese enthusiast and have the ability to repeatedly lift slices of hot cheese pizza. Those who regularly dream of cheese are particularly appreciated. The offer is limited to applicants 15 and older who have an address in Japan.

After the campaign ends on Sunday, February 23, one person will be selected by the CEO of Domino Pizza Japan to become “Chief Cheese Officer” for one day in March 2020 (specific date to be determined) and receive one million yen in return for the performance of cheese-related duties such as filming a video promoting their cheese pizza at the company's Tokyo headquarters.

According to the press release, "This is a dream job for cheese lovers who can get 1 million yen just for showing their love of cheese!"

For all the details, see the home page here.

By - Ben K.