Source: PR Times

Domino’s Japan Unleashes 1 Kilo Of Cheese Pizza

Foreign travelers are often perplexed by some of the more unusual toppings available for pizza in Japan--such as corn and mayo--but every once in a while you'll run into something completely off the wall like "kawaii pink" deep dish. Domino's Japan may be trying to set a new standout standard with their latest release, a pizza topped with 1kg of cheese!

It's fittingly called the "New Yorker 1 kilo Ultimate Cheese", and is a follow up by popular demand to last year's release of a pizza with 4x the normal amount of cheese as topping. With 1kg of Mozzarella, even the most dedicated cheese lover may be in over their head.

The cheese heavy pizza will be available for a limited time from Domino's Japan until June 23rd, priced at 3,300 for takeaway and 4,000 yen for delivery. It clocks in at 3,832 calories if you're wondering--although if you're ordering this, you probably aren't.

By - Big Neko.