If you're a One Piece fan with plans in Japan, you can't make a visit to the nation's capital city without stopping by the Tokyo One Piece Tower in Tokyo Tower. When it opened in 2015, fans were thrilled there was finally a permanent place to enjoy all things One Piece, including the Mugiwara Cafe with regularly changing themes and special menus.

Tokyo One Piece Tower 5th Anniversary

As you can expect, Tokyo One Piece Tower wouldn't let their fifth anniversary this March go by without marking the occasion in style, and sure enough, big things are being planned.

Although more details are expected to come out as we get closer to the opening of festivities, the first details have now been revealed, beginning with some beautiful key visuals. These two are completely new original artworks featuring the members of the Straw Hat Pirates and rendered in a beautiful vintage stained glass style. Each character is dressed in traditional Japanese clothes, rounding out the retro look.

In the images below, tap or click to zoom in:

Panel of Nine

With Luffy in the center, you'll find eight crew members. Top row (L to R): Usopp, Robin, Nami, Zoro. Bottom Row (L to R): Brook, Sanji, Chopper, Franky.

A Dapper Trio

This panel features Law, Ace and Sabo dressed up and looking good.

Details revealed so far

Beginning on March 1st, you'll be able to purchase commemorative items featuring this artwork such as:

  • Metal pin badges
  • Acrylic stand charms
  • much more

You'll be able to make purchases at the following locations:

  • "Mugiwara Store Tokyo One Piece Tower" (Tokyo Tower 1F)
  • Tongari Store (Park 3F)

In addition, there will be other commemorative campaigns at both locations, details to be announced.

For more details, visit the shop website here.

If you'd like to learn more about Tokyo One Piece Tower, please visit their main page here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.