Tokyo's Capcom Cafe, located in Ikebukuro, is a paradise for classic video game lovers. Last month, the cafe held a special collaboration event inspired by Devil May Cry, and this month they’re kicking off a new menu based around another one of Capcom’s hit games.

Inspired by traditional Japanese art and mythology, not many games are as visually arresting as Okami, and these new limited-time-only dishes bring those gorgeous aesthetics to the cafe’s menu.

Okami Menu at Tokyo's Capcom Cafe

In the game, the player is given the role of Amaterasu, the sun goddess, in the form of a wolf. Her fiery incarnation is recreated here, thanks to various toppings such as tuna, salmon and egg, in the ‘Okami Sakura Chirashi Sushi’ (1980 yen plus tax).

In ‘Susano and Kushi’s Thunder Brew Dashi Chazuke’ (1480 yen), Japanese deity Susano is represented in the rice which you mix with Kushi’s famous ‘Thunder Brew’.

You can overcome any hunger with the steak bowl (1480 yen) which has an Amaterasu cut out perched on top of the meaty mountain.

The dessert menu looks particularly spring-like, just in time for cherry blossom season. You can even obtain some of the sakura mochi (1100 yen) that Mrs. Orange gives to Amaterasu as a reward.

The 8 Canine Warriors are portrayed in a fruit punch (1100 yen) which contains coloured sherbet balls as a nod to the Satomi Orbs.

The full menu includes more Okami-themed dishes, as well as several character-inspired beverages. Of course, the cafe will also have plenty of merchandise featuring the game’s beautiful artwork.

The collab menu will take place, in both the Ikebukuro Capcom Cafe location and the Aeon Lake Town branch in Saitama, until 11th March. Reservations can be made online.

By - Jess.