For those who work in an office with a dress code, it can get pretty boring to wear the same shirt and tie combo every day. But if you’re an office worker with slightly nerdy tendencies, there’s actually plenty of options in Japan to secretly jazz up your work getup. For example, there’s a whole lineup of formal Pokemon shirts which allow you to incorporate your favourite creatures into your everyday work outfit.

But perhaps you’re not a corporate Pokemon trainer, maybe your quarry is something a bit more monstrous. Fans of the series Monster Hunter can now rep their favourite catch on their office wear, thanks to this collaboration between the Monster Hunter World expansion, Iceborne, and Japanese business apparel brand Smartbiz.

The collection includes both work appropriate shirts (3990 yen each plus tax) and a selection of neckties (1900 yen each plus tax).

If you like to hunt ties like you like to hunt monsters, you’ll be pleased to know there’s twelve necktie designs to collect, meaning super fans could be wearing a different one every day for two weeks and them some.

There’s six striped designs featuring favourite Monsters from the series, such as Velkhana and Zinogre. Or there’s motifs such as weapon icons and footprints, all smart looking enough to fool your clients and coworkers into thinking you’re just an ordinary office worker and not a deadly Monster Hunter.

The Monster Hunter shirts are extra discreet as the game motifs used in the design are hidden on the inside of the collar and the cuff lining. There's four designs to choose from.

The order comes in an awesome Monster-adorned box, making these items great gifts for video game fans.

The lineup is set to go on sale from 25th April and can be found online via Rakuten or Capcom.

By - Jess.