Yakiniku, grilled meat cuisine usually referred to as Japanese barbecue, is sometimes viewed as the ultimate meat treat for a party given the interactive experience it can provide for a group and the variety of meats one can enjoy at their table. Japanese chain Yakiniku Like is a bit different, in that they provide one-person tables for customers who would maybe otherwise feel apprehensive about going in alone (while attitudes are changing, yakiniku is mostly looked at as a communal dining experience).

If you're in Shibuya and have a solo yakiniku itch to scratch on the go, Yakiniku Like has another option for you! The Shibuya Utagawamachi branch recently went from "one man" to "one hand" with their Yakiniku Like Burger, which sandwiches a filling serving of their popular beef ribs between two soy sauce rice patties. To top it all off, it's served with kimchi, a dollop of spicy gochujang mayonnaise sauce, and available in four sizes ranging from "small" to "tower". It's being advertised as a yakiniku bento you can eat with one hand, although the tower size seems to challenge that.

While Yakiniku Like eventually plans to expand the release, it will for now be only available for takeout and delivery from the Shibuya Utagawamachi branch. (Small) 350 yen, (Normal) 420 yen, (Large) 620 yen, (The Tower) 1,050 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.