Flawlessly combining the bizarre with the cute, Kawaii Monster Cafe is the essential Harajuku experience rolled into one edible, rainbow-colored package. As soon as you enter, you’re presented with visual explosions & larger-than-life decorations, and to top it all off, the food is equally as eye-popping.

They’re known to come up with special menu items during special times of the year. This past spring, they had a cute-meets-Easter-meets-sakura spring fair, and even a “genderless” Valentine’s Day menu in support of LGBT couples.

This Halloween, they collaborated with a just as fanciful place: Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant. The Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant has branches across Tokyo and one in Osaka. Each branch has a unique name that gives you a hint of what’s inside, and each one will make you feel like you’ve been transported straight to the beloved Lewis Carroll storybook.

With two very whimsical concepts coming together, it’s no surprise that the collaboration menu looks like something the Mad Hatter would come up with himself. The Kawaii Monster Cafe will serve all collaboration menu items, but some items will differ between the Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant branches in Tokyo. You can see some of the eerie Halloween offerings below.

Alice's Halloween Caesar Salad, 1,360 yen

The classic caesar salad gets a Halloween twist with purple carrots, pumpkins, and a silhouette of Alice garnishing the vegetables.

Colorful rainbow pasta with Halloween cream, 1,400 yen

Served with pumpkin cream sauce and pasta noodles oozing with color, this dish becomes extra spooky with all the ghosts lingering around your plate.

White Rabbit Mummy ~Chocolate and Lemon Cream Parfait~, 780 yen

Alice’s old anthropomorphic friend sends you down a rabbit hole of flavors, with a slightly creepy-looking parfait made out of cheese-flavored “bandage” cream. Served in Ginza’s “Alice in Wonderland” restaurant.

Smiley Cheshire Cat Zombie ~Chocolate and Cassis Cream Parfait~, 780 yen

Another familiar face makes an appearance with the cheshire cat parfait. The fictional feline’s face is made out of purple-colored vanilla ice cream and decorated with his signature grin. Served in Shinjuku’s “Alice in Picture Book Land” restaurant.

Queen of Hearts Dress Up Party ~Chocolate and Cheese Cream Parfait~, 780 yen

The next parfait on the menu is an ode to the Queen of Hearts. Mint cake & vanilla ice cream are topped off with icing cookies and a duo of red cheese & black chocolate cream. Served in Ikebukuro’s “Alice in the Land of the Old Castle” restaurant.

MAD POP Halloween, 800 yen

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a party without the Mad Hatter himself. These non-alcoholic drinks come in three flavors, with each Alice’s in Fantasy restaurant serving a unique one. Ginza’s “Alice in Wonderland” restaurant serves the strawberry pink drink; Shinjuku’s “Alice in Picture Book Land” serves the blueberry version, while Ikebukuro’s “Alice in the Land of the Old Castle” serves the bright green melon drink.

The Kawaii Monster Cafe & Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant collaboration menu will be available until October 31, 2020.

Link: Kawaii Monster Cafe

By - Jen Laforteza.