Are you a ramen lover spending Valentine's Day in Japan this year? If you're here with your Valentine or just looking for a good deal on ramen and have someone you can bring along, then you may want to stop by the closest Ipppudo ramen shop tomorrow.

The ramen chain with over 150 shops across the nation is offering a limited one-day-only special deal on its delicious ramen. The catch? You need to order one of two ramens (see below) and be accompanied by another person. That's it. Whether you're a couple, a pair, two family members, friends, coworkers or just someone you grabbed off the street matters not, as long as you can be counted as a "pair" and place two identical orders of ramen. Whoever has agreed to pay the bill will only be charged for one order.

Two choices of ramen

You can choose from either Akamaru Shinaji 赤丸新味 or Giri Ramen 義理ラーメン (obligation ramen). More about the second one later.

But first, take a look at what's sure to be the more popular choice:

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Akamaru Shinaji ramen

Blending their original flavored oil and spicy miso, Ippudo's Akamaru Shinaji offers a harmony of rich flavors. If the Shiromaru is an orthodox tonkotsu (pork bone) style ramen, Akamaru Shinaji is their innovator pushing the boundaries of tonkotsu style.

Giri Ramen

This is in fact their plain ramen 素ラーメン just offered under a different name on February 14th.

So why is it called Giri Ramen 義理ラーメン (obligation ramen)? Although it has somewhat faded from popularity in recent years, giri-ghoco 義理チョコ is a custom still practiced in Japan, usually at the office, where chocolates are typically given by female employees to male coworkers and bosses, who are then expected to return the favor one month later on White Day. Ippudo's "Giri Ramen" takes inspiration from that custom and is meant to be a fun way of enjoying Valentine's Day.

Ippudo Thanks Day project

According to their press release, this Valentine's Day campaign is part of their "Ippudo Thanks Day" project which they began in March 2019 with such promotions as White Day Shiromaru Day, Tanabata Pair Discount and Beer Ramen. The idea is to provide opportunities for customers to create happy memories at Ippudo. Of course, they intend having White Day Shiromaru Day on March 14th!

Campaign Details

  • Name: Ippudo Valentine's Day Akamaru Pair Discount
  • When: February 14th, 2020
  • Description: Come as a pair on Valentine's Day, order either Akamaru Shinaji or Giri Ramen, telling the staff it's barentain kikaku バレンタイン企画 (Valentine's Day campaign) at time of order, and you'll receive one of the same on the house.
  • Note: If you order any other ramen, you'll pay full price.

Rules and Conditions

  • Both customers must order the exact same thing.
  • Does not apply to customers entering alone and wishing to order two of the same ramen for themselves.
  • Cannot be used together with other coupons or promotions.
  • If you order toppings on the Akamaru Shinaji (Ex: Yasai Akamaru 野菜赤丸 veggie Akamaru), you will be charged for the difference.

Participating shops

  • All Ippudo, 1/2PPUDO, Ippudo Shiromaru-Base, Ippudo Stand, and Ippudo Tao locations throughout Japan. Search here for all locations.
  • Please note that the following locations are currently closed while under renovation: Ippudo Umeda, Ippudo Omiya, Ippudo Okinawa Parco City, Ippudo Ramen Express and Ramen Express Hakata Ippudo.
  • This information only pertains to Ipppudo locations in Japan.

By - Ben K.