With all the elaborate Frappucinos of 2017 (cherry pie, smores et al), 2018 sees Starbucks go back to basics with a limited edition drink which is simply loaded with chocolate. Like, a lot of chocolate.

The association between chocolate and Valentine’s Day is much stronger in Japan than other countries with the holiday being observed as a chocolate gifting frenzy.

However, Starbucks are urging people to treat themselves this romantic season. Naturally they want that treat to be either one of the Chocoholic concoctions they’ve brewed up.

The Valentine Chocoholic Frappucino is made up of a chocolate sauce containing caramel and coffee, the other main component is milky white mocha. Just what this drink needed was more chocolate so they’ve thrown in some choco chips for good measure.

The hot option is a hot chocolate, the Valentine Chocoholic Cocoa, whereby the coffee/caramel chocolate sauce is mixed in with hot milk.

Source: Starbucks Japan

They both appear to be topped with whipped cream, more chocolate sauce and chocolate powder.

Those who follow Starbucks Japan’s seasonal drinks may be starting to see a pattern here, seems they can’t go wrong with the lineup of Frappucino and corresponding hot beverage.

Seasonally appropriate heart-covered merchandise is also available for those extra romantic Starbucks lovers.

Source: Starbucks Japan

The Valentine Chocoholic drinks will be available from 24th January 2018. The last day you can buy it is, of course, February 14th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.