Square Enix just released the full opening trailer movie to the much anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake a little while ago. For anyone who was a fan of the original game, they really knew how to press all those nostalgia buttons! I didn’t really feel it until the title screen came bolting down in classic Meteor style.

Click here to see the trailer in Japanese.

This trailer wasn’t all that eye-opening in terms of things we didn’t already know about the game, its story and characters, but this up-close and personal look at the city of Midgar so insanely detailed, it’s impossible to understand the sheer scale of this city, which wasn’t exactly possible back during the PlayStation 1 era.

The beginning portion of the trailer, we get a literal bird’s eye view of the city, but at first our view is obstructed by a thick layer of gray clouds, which eventually opens up to an expansive, detailed look at the city below. We see multiple high-rise apartment structures, many highways and trains winding through the buildings, and as we get closer to ground level, we everyday sights like restaurants, cafes, and kids just having fun riding their bikes down the road. They even treat us to a view of a familiar park in Sector 5.

Around the 2 minute mark begins the classic opening sequence that anyone who’s ever played the game would recognize, as Aerith watches as green life energy seeps out of some back alley pipes in town. Then the camera pans back to give us another grand look at the city before BAM! The titular Final Fantasy VII title smacks into the center of the screen! Chills! Complete chills!

The last bit we see the members of Avalanche getting off the train. Barret calls after Cloud as he does an impressive jump from the top of the train. The tension in the music continues to rise as the title once again appears on screen.

FFVII Remake is due for release on April 10, 2020 for the PlayStation4.


By - Terra Dragos.