Rice is an essential factor in Japanese daily life and diet; therefore, many people eat it regularly.

Many are not that particular regarding the type or brand of rice, but wouldn’t it be great to enjoy the most exquisite rice out there if you come to Japan?

For me, even though I live in Japan, I occasionally prefer buying good rice instead of the brand I always get from the supermarket and enjoy the different flavors of Japanese rice with the recommended toppings.

Here are the best recommendations I believe you should try out if in Japan:

1. Kumamoto Milky Queen

The Milky Queen rice is part of the sticky rice category and is also compatible with other types of rice, so you can easily blend it with various brands.

It has a moist texture and goes well with any topping! I eat it with natto (although not many like it, for me, natto rice has become my healthy option of breakfast since coming to Japan and I recommend trying it out with the Milky Queen Rice. You can also eat it with raw egg and soy sauce (tamago kake gohan) or sake(salmon) flakes on top.

2. Fukkurinko

For people that have children and regularly eat rice a few times per day, it is recommended to choose a type that is chewier and easier to eat for kids as well. A type that goes well with children’s most favorite dish, hamburger, is Fukkurinko! A similar type to Fukkurinko is Akitakomachi, again a brand that goes well with main dishes such as hamburgers, chicken, etc.

3. Gifu’s Ryu no Hitomi(Eyes of a Dragon)

Characterized by big grains, beautiful appearance, and delicious taste, the Ryu no Hitomi brand has become well-known and very popular in Japan especially after winning the gold award in 2018. It goes well with anything and I like eating it simply because the texture and aroma are amazing without even topping it with anything.

4. Shimane’s Herb Rice Kinumusume

A simple taste, but nice fragrance, Shimane’s Herb Rice Kinumusume is super tasty and goes well with soy sauce and nori or natto.

5. Nanatsuboshi

A bowl of rice with a gentle taste, compatible with the Japanese cuisine is Nanatsuboshi. I like eating it in the morning because it’s easier on the stomach and I get all the energy I need for the day, too. It goes well with any kind of toppings from the Japanese cuisine and I highly recommend trying it out! A type similar to Nanatsuboshi is Sasanishiki, another good brand of rice perfect for breakfasts!

6. Niigata’s Uonuma-san Shinnosuke

This rice is delicious even eaten cold so it’s good for bento (lunch box) or onigiri (rice balls)

7. Kouchi’s Shimanto Gensen ni Komaru

This rice has a nice aroma and a good texture. The best pairing is salmon or salmon flakes.

8. Yamagata’s Yukiwaka Maru

I am a fan of curry and the best rice you can use when making curry is without question, Yamagata’s Yukiwaka Maru! Goes well with any type of curry and I recommend it for a great dinner with your family!

By - cinnamonellie.