Japanese Twitter user Yakyu-Zoido (@yakyu147Ab) has a pet turtle named Haru.

One day, he took a photo of Haru the turtle, and posted on Twitter which received over 650,000 likes.

The photo captures the moment Yakyu-Zoido had just put turned his lens to Haru, and was greeted with...

Source: @Yakyu147Ab

Source: @Yakyu147Ab

"Oh my God!"

There’s Haru, his mouth wide open like he just witnessed something shocking!

This photo went viral not only Japan but has overseas as well, particularly with great meme potential, and received many comments; “Hilarious” “This is such a funny face.”

By the way, according to Yakyu-Zoido, Haru often opens his mouth like this for some reason.

It was just a perfect timing snapping a photo of Haru and his funny face! This certainly made many people smile.

By - Mugi.