Shiba inu are as cute as they come, but their miniature counterparts mame shiba inu ("Mame Shiba Inu" means "Bean Shiba Inu" in Japanese, a reference to the breed's small size) are growing in popularity, with Japan even opening up cafes where you can play with bean shiba puppers. Popular mame shiba Uni from Tokyo may be one of the cutest we've seen, and one look at his Instagram account (shiba_uni_20190107) will probably have you agreeing!

While is happy-go-lucky nature is an adorable sell in and of itself, what seems to distinguish Uni from other mame shiba is his very particular routine before eating a meal. Uni is a good boy and has been trained to wait before being allowed permission to eat the food served to him, but he adds his own cute flourish of anticipation to the routine.

Although he's simply being told to wait, Uni can't help but mysteriously pedal back in adorable fashion, almost dissappearing from sight. Once given the green light, he dashes forward to scoff down his meal.

Uni's recently added to his repertoire, however, introducing a new spin move before he eats.

Be sure to follow Uni on Instagram for more updates on his daily cuteness, as well as his increasing pre-meal dance routine.

By - Big Neko.