Just when it appeared Ocean Teabag may have had the cutest and quirkiest teabag series around with their giant squid and magical tanuki teabags, Japanese retailer Village Vanguard may have introduced a worthy contender with 3D KAWAIIPACK--decorative teabags that include origami crane, maneki-neko, penguin, goldfish, and good luck charm designs.

Oritsuru (origami crane)

Modeled after an origami crane with wings that stretch out, you can imagine your feathered friend taking a bath--in a cup of Earl Grey.

Maneki Neko

Maneki neko (beckoning cats) are traditional Japanese figurines of cats thought to summon fortune to its owner. Wish for some good luck and a profitable year with this cat in your cup. These are also available as Earl Grey tea.


These tea bags are shaped as omamori, protective and good luck amulets sold at shrines in Japan. The bags contain green tea from Shizuoka, a prefecture known for its rich quality green tea, and also have "omamori" (お守り) written on them.


Goldfish-shaped bags, also containing Shizuoka green tea.


A cute penguin that doesn't really fit in with the traditional Japanese imagery of the other bags, but should look right at home and just as adorable in a tea cup. Available in Earl Grey.

All bags are available in packs of 5 (except for the crane, which is sold in packs of two) at Village Vanguard's online store, with other designs available on Amazon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.