If you look outside the realm of "common" instruments, you might just find yourself floored by what seems like out-of-this world sounds, as can be observed with Yukiko Koshimoto "spacedrum" and a curious drum inspired by a inspired by a Japanese musical garden ornament. If anything defines a departure from the common instrument, it might just be Sami Elu's Chopstick Piano. The Tokyo-based musician and performer's 29-string homemade instrument uses disposable chopsticks to create music that'll put you in a trance.

The Chopstick Piano uses disposable chopsticks, or waribashi, to hit piano strings as Sami uses his other hand to individually pluck away with a pick while his feet are occupied with bells and other percussion. A recent video of a performance in Yoyogi Park shows off the hypnotic nature of the music produced, as well as the command and dexterity require of someone to manipulate it the way in with Sami does.

And it sounds just as good in a collaboration.

If you'd like to learn more about Sami and his instruments, be sure to watch the interview below. You can also check out his website, as well as a Kickstarter to help fund the creation of a new instrument.

By - Big Neko.