Japanese online retailer Felissimo has sort of made their name on quirky animal-motif goods such as 3D hamster handkerchiefs and squishy cat paw handbags, one of their main focuses is fashion. Although not entirely meant to be used to prevent illness, their latest release is a timely one given the current mask shortage in Japan: a snood for skincare that doubles as a sickness mask.

Felissimo's "Mask Snood" is actually intended to be used to protect against hay fever, sun, and prevent dry skin, but as a shortage of supplies of masks in Japan has many improvising to cover their nose and mouth (including a model converting bras into masks), the new item is a comfortable and casual alternative to doing just that.

When not covering your mouth and nose, the Mask Snood can simply be worn as a scarf or neck warmer. Made of silk and designed to be somewhat loose and billowy, the Mask Snood can be used as a mask without irritating the face and a good option for those who aren't a fan of the sickness mask aesthetic.

The Mask Snood is available from both Felissimo's Japanese and international online retail sites.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.