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Learn to Love the Rainy Season: Go Ame Glamping

Ame Glamping; the all new adventure where you can enjoy the forest during the rainy season.

Hoshinoya Fuji, Japan’s first luxury campsite with a focus on glamping, has announced it will hold a rainy season glamping period from June 1 to July 15, where campers can enjoy the forest during the rainy season from the comfort of the glamp site.

Everybody will be able to appreciate the forest during the rainy season, clad in ponchos and boots available from the guest rooms. In addition, the glamp site will provide campers with an original guest bag which changes colour when it gets wet. In the forest, “floating” tipis will decorate the forest canopy, bringing vivid colours to the rainy season. Instead of wishing for the warmer, dryer months, you can look forward to the rainy season with Hoshinoya Fuji’s Ame Glamping.

Hoshinoya Fuji devised the idea of rain glamping with the hope that people can begin to enjoy and appreciate the splendor of the forest during the rainy season. In addition to being Japan’s first luxury campsite, the company added rain glamping so that people can enjoy the outdoors in all seasons without being affected by the weather.

Despite the drizzle, the forest during the rainy season is a very attractive scene. The colours of trees and leaves become more vivid in the damp and strong fresh fragrances fill the air.

During the Ame Glamping period, floating tipis will decorate the forest canopy. The floating tipis are made with a special fabric that changes colour and creates a pattern when wet. The pattern on the tipis will resemble vivid hydrangeas when wet.

Ponchos and rain boots will be provided to all guests. With three different poncho patterns, guests can enjoy Ame Glamping whilst wearing their favourite one. In addition to the poncho and boots, an original guest bag is provided. Made of the same fabric as the floating tipis, the bag changes colour when wet.

Guests will stay in a luxury glamping cabin, which comes with a bath and air conditioning. Even after adventuring, playing and enjoying the outdoors, guests can rest assured with the comfort of the cabin.

Ame Glamping Events

At Ame Glamping, guests can take part in a variety of events made for the enjoyment of the rainy season.

”A Moment in the Forest” Afternoon Tea

Guests can enjoy afternoon tea on the glamping terrace whilst listening to the sound of the rain falling in the forest. In addition to coffee and tea, the afternoon tea will offer sweets and seasonal fruit topped Baumkuchen, as well as original cocktails inspired by the rainy season forest.

Rainy Forest Discovery Walk

An activity where guests can discover the charms of the forest when it has been drenched with rain. Following a map, guests will visit a variety of areas in the forest where they can experience different rain shelters and the forest when it is wet.

Colouring Postcards

This is an activity where guests can prepare a set of original postcards depicting the surrounding rainy season forest canopy using watercolour pencils. Take inspiration from the forest as it changes colour and atmosphere when the rain falls upon it. After finishing the postcard, guests can send it off to loved ones using the postbox that stands in the forest.

Hoshinoya Fuji

Hoshinoya Fuji, Japan’s first luxury camping site, opened in October of 2015. In a vast forest overlooking Lake Kawaguchi, the site has a terrace where guests can come in contact with nature and enjoy various events before retiring to their own luxury glamping cabin.

Location: 1408/40, Oishi, Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru-gun, 401-0305, Yamanashi Prefecture

By - Connie Sceaphierde.