Capsule toys in Japan are known produce figures of niches you may have never even considered, but animals seem to get even more specific treatment in that regard. Over the years, we've seen capsule toys of shiba inu sticking their heads through walls, cats popping out of matchboxes, and even Cthulhian hybrids of squids and watermelons.

Japanese toy manufacturer Takara Tomy is unearthing another quirky but adorable animal-themed series: a lineup of animals who are concerned about their weight weighing themselves, and each comes with a backstory.

The series is made up of six animals (polar bear, panda, red panda, Shih Tzu, penguin, and hippopotamus) striking human-like poses as they check their weight daily on miniature scares. Each figure comes with a small pamphlet revealing their backstory and reason for wanting to lose weight. For instance, the hippo wants to become the greatest Kabaddi athlete ever (a word play pun as "Kaba" is the Japanese word for hippo), and the red panda has fallen in love and wants to shape up.

The "What's my weight today?" series of animals will be available at capsule vending machines throughout Japan for 300 yen a try starting in March.

By - Big Neko.