Japanese Kit Kats make for a popular souvenir with travelers from abroad because of regional and seasonal limited edition flavors such as peach mint rum and raindrop cake mochi, as well as their upcoming paper origami packaging.

During Halloween, Nestle Japan prefers to give out more treats than tricks, and are doing so this year with a spooky and colorful spin on a pre-existing popular Kit Kat flavor--apple pie. This time however, they're coating the fall favorite with a ghoulish purple chocolate!

The new Halloween Apple Pie flavor is an addition to the Otona no Amasa (Adult Sweetness) series of Japanese Kit Kats, and seems to fit in nicely by offering the sweet but tart flavoring of a warm slice of apple pie. The three-layer wafer is has apple crumbs kneaded into it, along with apple pie flavor chocolate inside. Setting it apart from previously released apple pie flavored Kit Kats is the purple chocolate coating, a color association with witches, the supernatural, and spooky Halloween night skies--as seen with McDonald's Japan's purple chocolate sauce Halloween fries.

The individual treats feature different packaging designs with Halloween characters and messages.

The new Kit Kats went on sale August 26th in stores throughout Japan and will run for a limited time, likely just beyond Halloween, in 500 yen packs of 14.

By - Big Neko.