Manga and anime have legions of dedicated fans around the world but are often stymied when they find that their favourite titles are only available in Japan. Otsukai is a new consumer to consumer (C2C) proxy shopping service named after the Japanese word for ‘errand’. Founded in February 2020, the service allows manga and anime fans around the world to upload descriptions of items they’d like to buy in Japan. Otsukai users in Japan then offer to go on an ‘errand’ to purchase and ship the items on their behalf.

Otsukai’s cross-border shopping service offers manga and anime fans outside Japan a simple and safe way to get their hands on titles that have until now been out of their reach. Since shipping and service charges are already factored into the displayed price, users always know exactly how much they’ll have to pay. Payments are made via PayPal. There’s no risk to either party and a dedicated support team is available to answer questions in English and Japanese, so users can relax in the knowledge that help is at hand if it’s needed.

Although most Otsukai users are looking for manga and anime titles, a wide variety of goods are available through their site. Otsukai CEO Tetsuya Okamura says, “I am hopeful that Otsukai can provide anime and manga fans around the world a unique way to connect to our Japanese users, as well as to a variety of Japanese items they may never have considered before.”

For a limited time, Otsukai is offering users of money back on their purchases. MyAnimeList is one of the world's largest online anime and manga communities, with comprehensive databases maintained by its members. They keep up with the latest anime and manga releases, track their viewing progress, rate and discuss titles and write reviews. With over 12 million active users, MyAnimeList is an essential resource for anime and manga fans from all over the world.

Until April 9th 2020, MyAnimeList members will receive a 10% refund when they make a purchase via Otsukai. Only registered users are eligible to apply for the discount. If a member makes multiple purchases during the period of the promotion campaign, the refund will only be applied to their highest priced purchase. Refunds will be issued one month after the campaign period ends on April 9th.

To apply, see the official Otsukai/ MAL campaign page.


By - George Lloyd.