Kids are cute no matter where in the world they live. The same is obviously true of all the munchkins who call Japan home. Recently, a sweet Japanese girl, the daughter of an Instagrammer named romiee, is trending on the SNS:

Paraphrasing: One day on the way home, romiee’s daughter began talking about how she wanted to go to the moon. When asked, she admitted that she wanted to eat sherbert ice cream there and wanted to do so with her mother."

romiee also posted a follow up:

Paraphrasing: when romiee suggested they go home, her daughter excitedly remarked how the moon had "disappeared" after being covered by clouds. romiee's daughter then surmised that even the moon becomes embarrassed sometimes and must be reminded that there is no reason to be bashful.”

romiee’s followers naturally agreed that her kid is pretty adorable. They commented:

  • “She’s so sweet! I was so touched that I could sleep deeply. Thank you”
  • “If I were to hear such a sweet thing, I would cry”
  • “She’s so cute. I almost cried. How dreamy...”

Another sweet girl

romiee is not alone in raising such an adorable, young girl. Instagram user suyan_kawaiiyan posted this four-picture set that gained traction on the platform:

"It's my daughter Su-chan's favorite time, lunch time. But she is in an unusually bad mood. I wonder whether she will eat or not..."

Pretty funny situation. It seems no matter how grumpy someone gets, there is no reason to interrupt a good meal. On the other hand, most days the young one is an attentive and respectful eater:

On this occasion, she accidentally spilled her food. Yet, before requesting more, she quickly "cleans up" her high chair and asks her mother for more. It seems she understands what must be done.

Sure enough, it's nice to forget about the world and take a few moments to see the world through the eyes of a child. During stressful times, it certainly can be helpful to zoom out in this kind of way.

By - Luke Mahoney.