Fans of Japanese illustration, especially so-called "anime style" art are probably familiar with Fuzichoco. The talented and prolific artist is one of the most famous illustrators in the genre, with over 230,000 followers on Twitter.

Fuzichoco's long-awaited artbook Saigenkyo will finally be released tomorrow, April 4th, from Genkosha Publishing Co., Ltd.

To fully appreciate it, you'll need to buy one for yourself, but just to give you a sample of the colorful, gorgeous and magical world of Fuzichoco's art, here is a small sample of what you'll find inside:

Book information

  • Title (JP): 藤ちょこ画集 彩幻境
  • Title (EN: Fuzichoco artworks - Saigenkyo
  • Goes on sale: April 4th, 2020
  • Size: A4 non-standard 192 pages
  • Price: JPY 3,200 (excl. tax)
  • Page on Genkosha's website
  • link
  • Publisher: Genkosha Publishing Co., Ltd.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.