Much of traditional Japanese food isn't just known for its great taste, but for a pleasing aesthetic as well. So while sushi, perhaps the most iconic of Japanese dishes, is usually a feast for the eyes by itself, an Instagram trend titled Mosaic Sushi has exploded recently, and has us looking at the classic food in a whole new light.

Exactly as the name implies, the trend involves plating gorgeous combinations of sushi into vibrant food art. Each delectable cubic sushi piece stands out on their own, but when presented in unison you've got one sushi dinner that may very well be too beautiful to eat. The great thing is that contrary to popular belief, there is no rule that dictates sushi use fish as its topping (neta), so color combinations are nearly infinite. A search of the hashtag #モザイク寿司 (mosaic sushi) on Instagram will yield some incredibly pretty results.

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If you'd like to try your hand at it, this video by Tastemade Japan breezes through the process with a quick tutorial.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.