Twitter user Tappu (@ing_tapp) was walking past his local 7-Eleven where he couldn’t help but notice a large wreath posted outside of the convenience store.

He photographed the banner and posted on his Twitter saying:

“At the 7-Eleven near the hospital,
a part-timer who graduated from university was congratulated by his night-shift co-workers like this.

Isn’t that awesome?

Happy Graduation!

What a Huge Wreath!

The huge wreath hanging by the 7-11 entrance celebrated the part-timer’s graduation. Below the wreath, a banner wishes the employee well and reads, “From the late-night crew.”

Voices from the Web:

  • Seeing this makes even a complete stranger like me happy.
  • How wonderful! What a great workplace. And what great colleagues!
  • What a pleasant surprise to get from all your co-workers. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  • Now all co-worker and even other people can give their best wishes to the part-timer.

Many graduation ceremonies have been delayed or canceled because of COVID-19. After 4 years of hard work, you know how disappointing that would be. So the 7-11 part-timer must have been so elated to be celebrated by coworkers in such grand style!

This one picture tells a lot about the 7-Eleven team's bonds and their kindness. Isn’t it heartwarming?

By - Mujo.