Japanese oddity goods retailer Village Vanguard routinely releases cat-themed goods we didn't know we needed, such as hungry cat lipstick and pen holders, hats shaped like napping cats, and even realistic cat head phone USB chargers. Their latest desktop accessory release draws inspiration from two "things cats do"--riding vacuum devices and freezing when caught grooming themselves.

The first desktop kitty helper is a paperclip holder. It's modeled after the many viral videos you've no doubt seen of cats riding automated vacuum devices such as Roombas, and uses two small magnets to keep paperclips (up to about 10 clips) held in place. While it isn't automated to suck up clips, you can knock the top to release a clip.

The second is inspired by the pose cats often strike when you interrupt them mid-grooming. While it can be used to store a number of small accessories, it seems like it is best to hold jewelry on the tray portion, while the extended leg can be used to place rings.

Both are available from Village Vanguard's online store in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.