Japanese bizarre goods and online retailer Village Vanguard's resume of quirky animals goods includes anteater body-warmers, bubbly panda balance balls, and even ultra realistic ram masks. Now thanks to hat designer KENT HAT, cat lovers can show off their feline fondness with their latest addition: a napping kitty hat!

It's exactly what the name says it is! The Oyasumi Nyanko Hat (Goodnight Kitty Hat) is a hat of a perfectly coiled up cat taking a kitty nap, making it look like a cat is sleeping on your head. Of course, dedicated cat lovers will want to place it on their lap and pet it (or you could sort of awkwardly pet it while other people wear it, we don't judge).

If the name KENT HAT rings a bell, it's because the designer has their own resume of fascinating hats, with motifs including owls and melon bread!

The napping kitty hat is unfortunately only available in Japan from Village Vanguard's online store for 20,350 yen, but those overseas who want a sleeping kitty on their head without any claw trouble may want to look into proxy shipping services such as White Rabbit Express.

By - Big Neko.