Occasional cosplayer, anisong DJ event enthusiast and Twitter user Bon-chan (@bon_the_fool) shared a special photo of his dad on Twitter and the response was huge. Almost 150,000 users have liked the image, so what’s all the buzz about?

Bon-chan says he woke up on April 6 to a message his mom had sent him late the night before.

With permission from Bon-chan (@bon_the_fool)

Bon-chan posted the image on Twitter saying,

       Good morning.
       My mom sent me this picture late last night of my dad drunk.
       He fell asleep after sticking his head into the cat’s house.
       So I’ll just post that here for all of you.

Let’s give Bon-chan’s dad the benefit of the doubt. Just imagine...

Bon-chan’s papa went out for drinks with his boss. Certainly, he couldn’t refuse. But rather than the usual work talk, his boss let loose about how his wife just got a kitten without consulting with him. He complained about having cat allergies and now besides having to wear a mask at work because of coronavirus, he’s got to wear a mask at home because of all the cat fur floating around his apartment. Even when he sleeps...

Bon-papa could relate to his boss. He didn’t want a cat at first either. But he grew to love the white little kitten they adopted. He grew nostalgic on his way home, thinking of the good old days...

Mrrroooow came a sound from below and his family cat woke him from his drunken reverie. He hadn’t even realized he’d gotten home.

He reached down to pet the little furball, but she darted away. Bon-papa followed after her and found her lying in her little white house. He lay down and stuck his head in for some late night cuddles...

He woke up to hearty guffawing and banged his head as he tried to get up, head still thrust into his cat’s little home.

Of course, this is all just a work of imagination, but surely there must be a good reason for dad to fall asleep where he did.

Or he was simply drunk.

Although dad may be the butt of the joke, the real victim is the family cat. Look at kitty trying to escape from dad’s drunken advances and stale breath.

With permission from Bon-chan (@bon_the_fool)

This is not mere speculation, as according to Bon-chan’s mother, the cat was extremely irritable after the late-night break-in.

(Editor's note: the top image is a stock photo used for illustrative purposes and not Bon-chan's father)

By - Mujo.