American Shorthair cat あんこ Anko lives in Japan with his human caretaker who manages a Twitter account in his name あんこ (@cat_anko3).

After returning home, Anko's human was touched by the sight of him sleeping on the sofa.

Please take a look at Anko-kun's cute appearance:

Reproduced with permission from あんこ Anko (@cat_anko3)

Anko's human happens to be an avid gamer who spends a lot of time with their Switch game console. Anko-kun may have reacted to the device because it had his human's scent on it.

It is very cute to think that Anko fell asleep while holding the Switch in order to appease some of the loneliness he felt in his human's absence.

When he woke up, his beloved owner must have played with him a lot!

Some of the comments this post elicited were:

  • "So cute. I'm jealous. I love cats but my husband hates them so I can't have one. Ahhh...."
  • "Maybe he was trying to hide it somewhere so you would stop playing with it and pay attention to him instead."
  • "Let me guess. He fell asleep playing Switch?"

That final comment opens up possibilities. If we have a gamer cat here, there's a whole new market to explore. Maybe someone at Nintendo should think of inviting Anko-kun for an interview (and stock up on catnip)...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.