As a subtrend of the most recent wave of boba tea popularity in Japan, cheese foam toppings seem to be everywhere in drink stands these days. From machi machi's 'God' cheese tea," to The Alley's decadent cream cheese toppings, we've already reported on quite a few.

But some drink stands have stood their ground and remained defiantly froth free. Take Godiva Japan, the queen of rich and chocolatey drinks. While they may have some trend-obsessed customers foaming at the mouth over their abstaining from the latest drink trend, foamy cheese toppings have been conspicuously absent from Godiva's drink menu. Until now.

Fortunately for the cheese foam aficionados in our midst, the queen has finally jumped into the fray, freeing herself from the fetters of foamy indolence, and diving headlong in all her Godiva glory into the cheesy trend du jour.

Godiva Japan's cheese foam drink lineup

Cheese Foam x Chocolixir Milk Chocolate 31%

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A marriage of 31% milk chocolate Chocolixir and Godiva's original cheese foam, this delightful drink balances a mellow and rich chocolate base with a delicate and light foam made with Hokkaido cream and Australian cream cheese with just the right balance of sweetness and saltiness, while the crushed milk chocolate and the foamy topping provide a fun mix of textures.

Cheese Foam x Lemon Tea

This drink features a base of Earl Grey tea blended with a mild lemon taste and accented with "fruity popper" pearls filled with tangy mango juice. Godival's original cheese foam generously fills up the cup, with a drizzle of rich chocolate sauce swirled on top, for a very special drink you can only enjoy at Godiva Japan.

English translations are ours | © PR Times, Inc.


  • From April 15th to June 30th: shop list *
  • From June 22nd to September 30th: shop list *
  • Price: 649 JPY (excl. tax)
  • Serving: 270 ml

* Some shops may be closed due to the current state of emergency. Please check Godiva Japan's website for updates.

By - Ben K.