From May 21st to July 8th 2021, Capcom café is holding a collaborative event with the popular anime series “Ace Attorney” in AEON lake town Kaze location and the new menu lineups are now available!

“Take that! Lovely Keema curry”

The motif is the famous iconic zip-up hoodie that Phoenix Wright wears in the show. The dish features a catch-phrase “Kurae! (Take that!)”, printed on the plate. Also available in combo menus paired with limited goods.

“Mitsurugi special! Tonosama Tacos platter”

Mitusrugi (Miles Edgeworth) and Tonosaman themed special Tacos platter! Tortilla with Tonosaman prints on it makes it just that much premium. Wrap up your favorite ingredients and enjoy!

“GODOT’s café coffee-break combo”

A coffee and dessert combo with a GODOT theme! Coffee flavored jelly that is a tad bit bitter just goes perfectly with those biscotti and Gateau chocolat.

“Karma’s perfection just does it! Blue Hawaiian parfait"

Franziska von Karma themed parfait! Portraying Karma’s cool and stylish character with refreshing Hawaiian flavor! This is a perfect dessert for this summer.

“Mayoi Ayasato’s drink on patio with Chocolate banana topping”

This drink is a perfect portrait of Maya Fey and her Yukata in the promotional image for this café below. The chocolate banana she holds in her hand in the image is used as a topping for this drink.

“Odoroki Hosuke’s fruit sangria”

Apollo Sahdmadhi Justice themed non-alcoholic sangria. Very refreshing flavor with tons of fruits in it!

“Kyoya Garyu’s Rockin’ Soda”

Klavier Gavin themed Rock n Rolla cocktail (non-alcoholic)! Served in a cocktail glass just like a real cocktail drink in a bar, with a top-up bottle on the side!

As you can see, they have quite a menu lineup for this event! All the menus represent each main character from the show. There will also be some giveaways of promotional goods for ordering food/drinks at the café, which makes it extra fun and exciting. If you are an Ace Attorney fan, this is an event you can’t miss!

To make a reservation, please visit the Capcom official website.

Location: Capcom café AEON lake town

Address: AEON lake town Kaze 3F, 4-2-2 Lake town Koshigaya, Saitama prefecture 343-0828

Phone: (048)-967-5163

Date: May 21st,2021 - July 8th, 2021

Official website:



By - Mugi.